Blade – April 6th 2002 to July 21st 2010

I dedicate this business to my Australian Shepherd, Blade.

April 6th 2002 to July 21st 2010

Upon his passing the vet handed me a zip lock bag full of Blade’s hair. Little did I know at that time what that bag of hair would unfold for me in the future.

I honestly researched for two years what I could do with his hair. With very little findings. Eventually I put some in a vial to wear around my neck. But it still just didn’t feel right to me.

Eventually I ran in to a mixed media artist who used resin in her work. Resin? I was intrigued. The look of glass? But without the heat, danger and high expense of glass melting machines? Being able to preserve hair or ashes? Heck you could preserve anything!!!!

This was the start of my resin journey. This is how this business came about. I studied and practiced and really got a feel for how resin works. I even started taking nature and making art with it. I used gems, sand, shells, leaves, grass……. suspending nature forever.

This feels right. Blade brought me here. Blade created this path.
I will always feel him by my side. My partner, even on the other side.